I Love the Dixie Chicks!

With all the nonsense going around about what's right and what's wrong with the world I think one of the most important things to remember is in America we are supposed to have the right of Free Speech. I mean isn't that one of the reasons this country was founded way back then?
First I must say I'm disappointed in a lot of the fair weather fans the Dixie Chicks had. It has always been a known fact that country fans are the most dedicated and loyal fans on the planet, so why did so many so called fans of the Chicks turn on them? With that in mind, I need to say right now that I am a fan, have been a fan will continue to be a fan of the Dixie Chicks.
I truly believe that they have a right as Americans to say whatever they want and shouldn't be chastised for it. I mean isn't that what "Freedom of speech" means? I guess just like "Freedom of Religion" it's meaning has changed in the past few years and it don't really mean Freedom to say or worship any more,,,,, it really means you can worship any God you want but if it's the Christian God that was with the founders this country DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD!!!!!! It means sit down and shut up and keep it to yourself. But if it's any other deity from any other religion then by all means flaunt it. Freedom of speech means you can think anything you want but DON'T SAY IT!!!!! you might offend someone. Bullshit!

So now, let me offend a few people!!! If I choose to worship the Christian God then I will and I'll do it any time, any where I want.. You don't like it? I DON'T CARE! don't look. It's that simple. You don't believe in God? That's your choice,, that's your belief,, don't deprive me of my belief or you'll have a fight on your hands. Want to worship a Muslim Deity? That's your choice and you won't hear any complaints from me,, just don't complain when I worship the deity of my choice.
Now off my soap box,, I think Natalie is well within her rights as an American to say what she wants. And just between you and me, if the man she commented on is at the bottom of everybody's list of favorites then why is she being punished and not 70% of the Americans that say the same thing?  That leads me back to my original soap box here, I am a fan of the Chicks and always will be. If anyone out there was a fan before all the nonsense and are not now,
I guess you were never really a fan to begin with.
My only question is when are they going to be passing through here so I can see them?